Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh. Brother.

We interrupt the previously scheduled programming of emotional spillage to share with you the saga of Our Stray Puppy.

Yep. It's happened. In classic "Leave It To Beaver" style, my children have fallen in love with a stray puppy that happened upon us as we were innocently wending our way to the park yesterday. They have named it "Oh Shucks". Why, you ask, gentle reader? Because that was my initial reaction to it's presence. Trust me when I say that was the censored version of what was actually going through my head.

The puppy followed us home and was waiting eagerly in the yard this morning when the children went out to play.

It's rather disconcerting to hear one's children yelling "Shuuu-uucks, Oh Shuuuu-uuuucks" all morning. You can probably hear it all over the neighborhood. Vocal stamina and volume run strong within us.

This is bad. Very Bad.

I am not a pet person. I discovered this when we had our dog, Lucky. Most of you have already heard all about Lucky. I will not bore you with repetitions of his many sins. Let's just say we discovered that I prefer intact flower beds, dry couches and a flea-less existence to the companionship and entertainment supposedly provided by the canine species. No offense, Laurie and Matt.

So now what do I do? I am loathe to call the SPCA. Ours is not a no-kill shelter. As far as I know we don't even have one in this county. Any other, humane suggestions? Anybody want a puppy?


Hosanna said...

Aaaawwwww! What kind of puppy?! Can you post a picture?!Is it a girl puppy or a boy puppy? Just the one, or are there more of them? How old is it? I wish Kevin would let me get a puppy. We're in negotiations on the puppy issue.
You could try to find it a home via Craigslist or the newspaper. I wanna see a picture!

Edith said...

I TOTALLY sympathise. I am not a puppy person. I am not really a domestic pet kind of girl either. We have 2 goldfish (Vladimir and Felix if you're interested) and it's hard enough looking after them! We have an acre of garden and people keep saying we should get animals. Pleeeeaaassse! There are farms and things all around. We even had a pheasant in the garden this morning. We do NOT need domestic pets: they poop, pee, lick, smell, (and I know are quite affecitonate) need exercised, fed. Shall I go on?!

Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

Craigslist baby, craigslist!

canningmama said...

Ok, so you don't want to call the animal control. pop that baby in the car, drive him across town and drop him in front of some one else's unsuspecting house with a note his neck saying "no, my owner is not dropping me off. I'm just being relocated by my non-owner." : ) I'm not a huge animal person either, though we have one cat and one dog. They are both STRICTLY OUTDOOR ANIMALS!

Jenny said...

Maybe I'm being dense, but are you sure it's a stray? Or did it just wander away from it's owners??? I'd be doing an ad on Craigslist to see if anyone lost him -- or even running to the vet to see if he has a chip in him. It shouldn't cost anything to have them check to see if it's there and if it is to look up an owner. Puppies tend to be escape artists and slip their collars (Jax did it to me just this morning!). Is he tiny or older? What kind? That would make a difference as to whether or not he's probably stray or just lost. If you do end up getting rid of him, go through Craigslist. Around here, there's a ton of animals on there that get "re-homed" (I snicker every time I read that word). Good luck! And you better let those kids know right away if you're set on NOT keeping it or you'll have a war on your hands;)

Herb of Grace said...

Hosanna, you are NOT helping. Of COURSE I'm not going to post pictures! He's aDORable. That would NOT help my case at ALL.

Jen, he had a collar, but no tags, was extremely thin and skittish. I suppose those things made me assume he was a stray.

He has disappeared, however, so the problem is in someone else's hands.

And no, I didn't do the "disappearing" myself. He just ran off and didn't come back :)

Adina said...

If he/she returns, posting a cute photo might help you to find a home for this dear creature. I'm impressed you resisted.

Buckeroomama said...

The hardest part, I think, is when your kids take such a liking to the stray... and despite your original intentions, you find your resolve weakening. :)