Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's still raining...

...need I say any more? You all know how I feel about rain.

This is my last week of teaching before break. Hopefully I will now be able to finish weeding my poor neglected vegetable garden. The lettuces don't seem to be holding it against me, however. They've been just exploding all over the bed and we have enough for at least three families right at the moment.

Hopefully I will also now be able to finish the chair railing and wallpaper project. That picture was somewhat deceiving, as it only showed the one fully completed wall. I actually have to confess that I ran out of paper halfway round the next wall and had to go find a place online that still had some left (it's been discontinued).

Maybe now I can also do the rest of the mulching in the back and put in a new load of woodchips in the kid's play space. And I still have several bushes to plant. And then there's this weird fungus on my roses. And my annual pics of the house to take and publish...

Oh yeah, and L's birthday gift is still unfinished. And Father's Day is coming up, and so is our anniversary. And I've got to make Judah's hat, too, since the pool opens up next weekend.

And of course, there's always laundry and ironing, and for some reason the kids and J still seem to insist on meals at regular intervals.


If it would just quit raining so I can get back to work!


Niecey said...

We need a decent rain out here.
I have a window box full of lettuces but I have no idea how to tell when they're ready for harvest....some are cut and come again ones I think

Edith said...

I so know how you feel. I am totally rain-ed out!