Friday, September 19, 2008

The Chronicles of Judah and Lillian

Once there was a little princess:

And she visited a prince. The prince liked her a lot and gave her kisses:

They played together for hours:

Until she tried to take his toys:

"Hey," says the princess, "what's up with the walking away? No fair! Hey, you! Tell him that's not fair!"


Robyn said...

I wanted to name our son(s) Judah, but my husband didn't understand it, not being a bible reader. I LOVE that name! Your kids are so cute.
Thanks for commenting on my blog, I would love to be mistaken for a student anytime!

Herb of Grace said...

Yeah, I love it, too. And my dh took a little persuading as well. We kind of compromised that we'd call him Jude once he gets a little older so as not to "date" him too much :)