Friday, September 5, 2008

Okay... talked me into it :)

(the Valentine one)

A song of love, a song of joy
Running, laughing, girl and boy
Beyond the ken of common mind
The highest state of humankind
Nearer heaven we cannot fly
Than living, loving, you and I.

(the one Josh remembers from Storysingers-- our music/drama club)

Love life, my friend
But hold it lightly, in an open hand
Drain every moment of its essence
But equally, be it joy or sorrow
Take all as coming from a loving Hand
Give all as giving to the Master's plan
Laugh, love, weep, die and do it thoroughly.

Judge them kindly. I was only in high school...


Polly said...

I LOVE both of them! When will you publish the Mushroom Story? :) WE WANT THE MUSHROOM STORY! WE WANT THE MUSHROOM STORY!
Well, maybe it's too long.
What about the one about the little girl outside in the early morning--Josie or something? I like that one too. And come Christmas, you should post the Christmas poem! I love your stuff Lisi. :) You're a great writer.

Herb of Grace said...

:) Thanks, Polly. But don't you think you're just a leeetle bit prejudice?