Friday, September 5, 2008

Something exciting for me!

Ever since I can remember I have wanted to be a Writer. Not just to write, I've been doing that forever. My first story (that I remember, Mom will have to verify) was about a baby gorilla named 'Dommy'. I think that was in first or second grade... I've written books for children, poetry, short stories and even launched into a full-length teen novel in early college. I've sent countless packages off to magazines, publishers and contests. But only twice have I gotten any results. One time I had a poem entered into some national vanity publishing contest-- for the purchase of the $75 book, they'd publish just about anything. However, I did actually get into the book without paying for it-- some consolation. The other time I won a local newspaper's Valentine's Day contest and a t-shirt that said something about who needs food, buy another book.

But I want to be a Writer. I want to write regularly in a disciplined way, because I have a deadline. I want editors breathing down my neck. I want loyal readers. I want to hold in my hand the finished work and know that it's in the hand of (at least) hundreds of other readers at the same time.

Well, peoples. The day has come. I am going to be a writer on the E-zine Blissfully Domestic, writing for their channel, Inspired Bliss. The site is under construction currently, pending the re-release coming soon. Now I realize that I'm blowing this a little out of proportion. There's no salary, no physical publication, and I'm a contributor, not the sole author. But there's an editor! And deadlines! It's close enough for nuts, as far as I'm concerned. And I am thrilled to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!! (see all those exclamation points?)

The only sadness mixed in with this sense of surreal exhilaration is that my dear Grandfather, Jerome Cunningham, is not around for me to call and gloat with. You see, Papa Jerry has been one of my biggest cheerleaders for twenty years, when it comes to my writing. He's read pretty much everything I've ever written. He encouraged me to keep on sending in submissions, to ignore the rejection slips because "Someday you'll get in...someday". Every time I saw him he'd ask "So... gotten anything published lately?" He and my grandmother are prolific writers themselves and have tons of journals and poems that will be a treasure to those of us in the following generations. This dear man never doubted that some day, some editor, somewhere would see the value he saw.

So, Papa Jerry, this one's for you!


Josh said...

I remember that poem for the paper, I think.
"Love life my friend
but hold it gently in an open hand"

Is that the one? I have it memorized.

Herb of Grace said...

Hah, a lurker comes out of the woodwork! Actually no, that was one I wrote especially for the crowd at Storysingers. The Newspaper one was a specifically Valentine's Day-y one... I'll post it later if enough peopel ask!

*hint, hint*

How flattering that you have it memorized! :)

Further Up & Further In said...

Please, please please publish the one from Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Publish both of them!

tess said...

Sure, publish it, why not! Yeah, I guess that does remind you of Papa Jerry. You should send whatever you write to Grandma Howell; I'll bet she'd apreciate that a good deal. What I want to know is, how on earth do you find the time, with Sofi and Judah on your hands? Really though, thats awesome that you could get that job.