Friday, September 26, 2008

What's been going on around here (and why I have no Fun Monday post up yet)

The kids are sick again-- they have this

The car broke again and we're so sick of dealing with it, we're thinking of buying one of these.

The kitchen STILL isn't finished being painted, although some super wonderful people did come and cart the junk out of the back corner of the yard.

The breadmaker is operational again! Praise the Lord!

I am now officially addicted to another internet thing

I forgot to take my pics for Fun Monday! (I am such a loser, sorry guys...)

and I have nearly died in matchbox car related incidents on at least three separate occasions.


Jenny said...

LOL -- don't let the matchbox cars get you down! You might never get back up:)
Evie had that same virus a few weeks ago -- it's an evil thing. She had it for like 10 days at least. Low grade fevers, mouth sores (we couldn't figure out why she didn't want to eat and then I looked in her mouth and there were bloody spots and a big blister, poor baby!). Just give them stuff that's non-acidic and not too salty (though the salt probably helps the healing). For some reason Evie was eating the little Ritz bits sandwich crackers with cheese like there was no tomorrow! And,lots of fluids for the fever, of course. I even went out and bought the pre-packaged jello (we were camping through that weekend!) and Evie wouldn't even eat that (though I think that was a consistency thing, family trait!).
I'm sure you know all this, but if it helps great!
Oh, and if it's any consolation to you, we painted our living room like 4 years ago and I still haven't done the trim (though I have the paint!). And last summer we painted our house, but left the end of it unpainted because it's under the carport, and also a spot under the eaves -- and it's still not done either! AND, I bought all the stuff to completely re-do my bathroom about 6 months ago (with my Spring energy account;)), and the paint can is sitting in the closet begging to be used.
Ahhh, well , the best of intentions...
If you need advice on the car, Jeff's really great at that stuff. You're welcome to give him a call if it's something he might be able to help with:)
You know the great thing about having sick kids is you have an excuse to relax at home and do nothing but take care of them!!!
And hey, while they're sleeping you can EBAY!!!!! Whoo hoo!

Herb of Grace said...

Haha, I love other Mommies :) Nothing like a little affirmation!

And we do know what's wrong with the car and are waiting to find a sucker to palm it off on so we can go buy a truck. We've been wanting to that for a while and this latest thing was the proverbial straw.

Faye said...

You can never be too careful in a matchbox demolition derby--big kids always lose! Perhaps we'll see you next week for Fun Monday?

Herb of Grace said...

Absolutely, Faye! And at least this week's theme got me motivated to clean my closets! (just in case anyone ever asks again to see them...)