Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm excited! Wanna know why?

The new channel on Blissfully Domestic, Inspired Bliss is launching the first of next week! And I am going to be on that cool little bar at the bottom where they put the names of the regular contributors!!!!!!!!!!

That's right, folks, I am going to be a Regular Contributor to an online magazine. It's soooo cool. Honestly, it's the coolest I've ever been in my life-- high school and college were not kind to me.

So what am I doing on my column, you ask? (well, I'm gonna tell ya, even if you didn't ask) I am going to be reviewing books! I love books! I love writing! What could be better than writing about books? Nothing.

I'm tossing around in my head some ideas for how to do cool, new things with the old-as-the-hills idea of The Book Review. For starters, how to choose what to review? I don't know that I want to exclusively read and write about popular, new Christian fiction. Some of you know my views on that. One friend gave me the idea of doing a monthly post about a "Lost Book"-- an old book that has gotten lost by the wayside, but deserves to hauled back off the shelf and re-examined. I also want to do a monthly children/young adult selection. Any other ideas? What do you look for in a book review? What favorite books of yours would you like to see talked about? What authors do you feel deserve a second look? What books do you return to again and again for advice or comfort? Who have you just read and are crazy about?

Comment, email, call and help me get my column off to a roaring start! I need help! I need encouragement! I need readers and lost of exclamation points!!! I need you to post about it on your blog and tell your readers to come help me too!!

Just think, now is your chance to have an impact for good on a brand-new book reviewer. Think of the influence you can have on future generations.

(removes tongue from cheek and goes to lie down for a nap)


Alli {Mrs. Fussypants} said...

Welcome to the family! We are honored to have you join in!

Denise said...

Wow, Lis, this is really exciting!!! I will be a regular reader for sure! Just remember to post reminders on here when you post over there.

I love the "lost book" idea. One thing I appreciate is when you take a "popular" author (for example, CS Lewis), and you review a little known book of theirs (like "A Grief Observed"). Everyone knows him as author of Narnia series, Mere Christianity, etc, but you miss so much if you only read the really popular items from a particular author.

I know I have more thoughts, but I cannot recall at the moment. But way to go!!!

Herb of Grace said...

Good suggestion, Denise! I like that idea a lot...

Jenny said...

I'm so happy to hear YOU so happy! We all have our "callings" (ie. things that make us "tick") -- I'm still looking for mine;) I've got lots of "ticks" but none I really follow through on -- then again maybe it's just my issues with follow-through!
For my input...I love to hear about GOOD kids books. There's a lot of garbage out there, so anytime I find a GOOD one (by my definition that means one with "meat" and depth -- Evie can handle a good story), I grab it!

Herb of Grace said...

Actually, Jenny, that's one of my "monthly features"-- a really good children's book. What are some of your favorites?

Jenny said...

Let me think about that one and get back to you. I'll email you and give you a list (short though it may be) of the ones we like. There's the ones that have been really "functional" -- as in Evie loves them and they've been great learning tools for her as a toddler. And then there's the ones that are just great stories (a much shorter list than I'd prefer-- which is really sad, considering we've got probably 300 little kids books around here!!).
I'll let you know!