Thursday, January 8, 2009

Did I tell you?

I'm a "real" blogger now. I have been asked to review a book! Elizabeth Pantley, the author of the No-Cry Solution books emailed me and asked me to review her newest book, just out this month, The No-Cry Nap Solution. Of course I said yes! :) Very exciting. I haven't finished reading it yet, though, so come back in a few days to read the review. It seems good so far, any of you read her other books and liked/dis-liked them? There's one called The No-Cry Discipline Solution that I must admit makes me rather skeptical, but I will reserve judgment for now...

I'm doing some more painting these days... Or rather, I did some more painting yesterday. It's kind of weird to visit our house. Each time you're here some very small thing will likely have changed just ever-so-slightly, giving you the surreal feeling of actually living in a science experiment on brain activity and familiar surroundings, or something.

For instance. Yesterday I painted two doorways in our dining room. The baseboards are still blue (blech), the window is still blue, but the two doorways are now icy yellow.
(Yes, there is such a color as "icy yellow", and no it has nothing to do with a certain joke about blind men, snow and dogs.) Can you see how that might be a bit disorienting?

In the last three months (since Thanksgiving) our furniture has been rearranged three times. I'm not talking about shifting an occasional table a few inches, either, I'm talking major overhaul here. As in, whoah! when did that couch show up in the middle of the room facing in the opposite direction from last week? I think most of our friends probably have bruised shins.

Last week friends came over to find that about ten pictures that had been
leaning against the wall on top of my bookshelves (for years) were now actually hanging on the wall above the bookshelf. Aaack! Brrrr, creepy...

Sometimes in all the shifting interesting combinations of furniture and knick-knackery occur momentarily and then fade quietly away. I managed to capture one such elusive (not!) moment on camera recently:

From Blog 1-6-09

No, unfortunately you're not seeing things. That is indeed our networking/DSL equiptment sitting on top of our not-yet-hooked-up woodstove. And every single person who comes in makes a highly entertaining and original remark about you do know plastic is flameable, right? or, hope you don't forget to take that off before you light the fire!

Tomorrow I intend to scrape the yucky glue residue off the living room entryway floor. It's leftover from a carpet runner we sticky-taped to the floor. Let's see if I can get someone to stumble and fall when their feet unexpectedly
don't stick to the floor...

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