Friday, January 30, 2009


Once again, I'm submitting a post that was written earlier. I think maybe I'm just too tired by Friday to BE funny.

Jeremiah is a Gamer. Perhaps not a Hardcore Gamer, but it definitely goes beyond the casual. Not in time commitment (we have two kids and bills to pay, after all), but definitely in sentiment. Now granted, he is a gamer with flair. A gamer who also happens to be an English Major. His gamer tag involves a quote from The Bard Himself. But a gamer he is, nonetheless. He dare not deny it.

Sofia is a girly girl. Perhaps even the Girliest of Girls. She loves dresses and ruffles and pink things and high-heeled, plastic shoes with Disney Princess pictures on them, and lipstick. Now granted, she has some standards. Poofy, 90's style pants she will not wear. Will. Not. Wear. I know, I've tried. Also square-toed dress shoes. No way.

The Gamer loves the Girl with an undying, immeasurable and self-sacrificing love-- as witnessed in a recent conversation over Mount and Blade:

I like this one, Daddy, this blue dress.

But sweetie, this armour set has a plus 44! Don't you want to have a plus 44 so you don't get killed so easily?

Well, but I really like this blue dress...



How about this peasant's helmet? You like this?

Why not just her plain hair? It's pretty...

Well, ok how about at least this cap, so she has some protection for her head.

How about these blue stockings, Daddy? Can we buy these for my girl?

Well, why don't we buy those stocking and then she can wear this shorter armor and then her pretty stockings can show...

No. I like the blue dress.

*deep sigh*

Some artistic liberty-taking was necessary in the recounting of this conversation since the old grey mare ain't what she used to be in the memory department.

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Susannah Forshey said...

That. Was. Hilarious. LMAO!

Herb of Grace said...


Denise said...

Yep, you had me laughing too!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Little Miss English Teacher said...

So So SO funny ... mainly because this is totally going to be my husband with our future children.

Gamer husbands are the best! You never have to worry about where they are :)

Sanity said...

You know...I linked my gamer husband to this, and he went into a long dissertation about why can't we unbind stats and appearance so we CAN make the +44 pretty blue dress.


Emily said...

Here from Navel Gazing-

I have a gamer husband, so I can relate! He often invites me to help him pick out his Guild Wars character's armor, hair, swords, etc.

Melanie J said...

I think we're very lucky that we don't have a girl, because my husband would be a goner.