Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things.

It's kind of hard to get back into our schedule. I've gotten used to drifting from one task to the next and my psyche is currently resisting the return to a strict routine. So I've declared a Low Expectations Week around here. This entails a difficult shift in perception for me since I tend to weigh my value as a person based on how much I accomplish in a day. I know, talk about setting yourself up for failure! Especially with two kids...

But anyway. Basically, I'm trying to get one or two school subjects (primarily music) done each day. Try to be exercised and showered by the time the kids get up from naps. Try to have dinner ready and the house reasonably tidy by the time Jeremiah gets home. Like I said, low, low expectations.

I am still allowing myself to binge on projects, however. A carryover from the pre-Christmas frenzy to finish gifts in enough time to wrap them before Christmas morning. I'm on a bag kick right now. Check out these awesome patterns I found. I also bought this fabric, which arrived yesterday and was so inspiring that I promptly turned it into this last night before bed. (it's reversible!)

From Blog 1-6-09
From Blog 1-6-09

I think I'm actually going to keep it. It was going to be a gift for a friend, but... What can I say? I've fallen in love with it!

I'm still hoping to figure out what to do with my front door curtains before going back into full-time school.

From Blog 1-6-09

Yes, that's blue masking tape holding them up. I didn't want to do anything permanent until I decided exactly what I wanted to do with them. At least it matches the walls... I can't decide exactly what to do with it, but those pieces are hand embroidered by my great-grandmother, so they need to be on display

From Blog 1-6-09

And I finally framed and hung the print from our beach trip last summer. Isn't it cute??

From Blog 1-6-09

So all in all, it won't be a completely unproductive week, I guess. Perhaps my sense of self-worth will survive.


Hannah said...

LOVE the bag! I'd keep it too.

And I think taking a week for some creative endeavors is essential from time to time.

Jenny said...

Ya know, just gettin showered before Jeff gets home from work is sometimes an accomplishment for us! A shower, exercise, dinner and clean house are a decided bonus. On-time dinner is awesome! And any other great accomplishments are downright amazing!!! Don't feel too bad -- you're still probably way ahead of lots of moms (of course, that excludes the super-moms that I'm told are out there, though I've never actually met one that was for real when the rubber hit the road;)).

Herb of Grace said...

Well, my mother was one of those super moms... I mean seriously! Five kids, all homeschooled, sewed everything, ran a homeschool co-op, made our bread/granola/dinner every night, taught music lessons, gardened, etc. I mean, I didn't even know ordering pizza on a busy night was even an option until after Sofi was two. And I"m positive she showered every single day :)

Needless to say, I have a lot to live up to.

Jenny said...

Yup, tell me about it! And I've got 3 "super-moms" to live up to!
Just not in my generation;)
I figure either there was a lot more energy to go around back then, or life was just "easier" -- I know I'm just kidding myself, but it's a small balm;)